Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here's the Proof!

We've always questioned wether or not our youth are being exposed to too much violence through video games, and wether this over exposure has a negative effect on them. Well the answer is yes! It's not only the youth that are in danger either. Research has shown that just about everyone involved in these violent video game experiments are effected in some negative way. Although, adults are affected in a slightly different way. Research also has shown that long term exposure is not even needed. These violent video games had a fairly negative effect on the people being tested in a short amount of time.

My study on the affects of these violent video games on it's players led me to a couple of studies appearing in the April issue of American Psychological Association's (APA) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. I used a quantitative method approach on my research of these two studies. Through these studies I found that these violent video games were more dangerous than I had previously believed. These games have been tested and proven to be more harmful than violent television programs and violent movies. This is because these video games are interactive and require a player to identify with the aggressor and take on the aggressors personality and actions.

The first study involved 227 college students who completed a measure of trait aggressiveness and reported their actual aggressive behaviors in the recent past. They also reported their video game playing habits. Researchers found that students who reported playing more violent video games in junior and high school engaged in more aggressive behavior. They also found that amount of time spent playing video games in the past was associated with lower academic grades in college.

In the second study, 210 college students played either a violent (Wolfenstein 3D) or nonviolent video game (Myst). Later on, the participants who played the violent video game punished an opponent (received a noise blast with varying intensity) for a longer period of time than did students who had played the nonviolent video game. This particular study proves that even a brief exposure to violent video games can increase violent behavior in all types of participants. It has also been proven that this behavior will most likely continue to be acted out in one's everyday life.

In conclusion, I found that violent video games do in fact cause those who are playing them to act more violent then they normally would. Since this has been proven through hundreds of test, we now need away to limit exposure of these games to the youth. In fact, the game creators should be targeted and stopped from even making such games. Until these games are completely pulled off the market, it is our responsibility to keep such games out of reach from our children. The last thing that our society needs is another violence accepting and violence committing group of people.


Gays are portrayed either very stererotypical or very animalistic in the media today. An example of this is the HBO television show Queer as Folk. The characters seem to crave only sex and all the time for that matter. In such films as the Birdcage, one of the main characters is the woman of the relationship and has very stereotypical gestures such as having his pinky up when he drinks. These sterotypes although very humorous, are very misleading to those who are not very informed on the gay communities.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shake Your Groove Thing

Music videos. Where to even begin. This area of entertainment is completely out of control. Not one video on BET or MTV doesnt have a girl possing in a suggestive manner or have every other lyric be a curse word. Why then do these networks play them? The answer is, is that this is where we are in todays society. We have been fed this gasrbage and we've accepted enough to were nobody is going to say anything. This is a serious situation to let the youth of our country think that this is acceptable behavior or language.

video game violence

It seems that most video games today involve at least some kind of violence. The problem is are we as adults regulating how much exposure our children have to these games. We need to also educate ourselves on the ratings of these games and what each rating means. I recently looked at some of the games my little brother had and couldnt believe the things that were on this innocent looking game.We need to pay closer attention.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I thought that it was a great film and was pretty straight forward with the racism. On the other hand it was a little harder to find examples of revearsed gender roles. One example though is when the female detective is driving the vehicle and the male is in the passenger seat. Another example is the fact that the black women is in charge of wether or not the white officer can get medical assistance for his father. All in all it was a very good film.


I had no idea until today how much Disney has in the identity of children. The women are portrayed the same that they are in most stereotypical adult movies. They are yelled at and are expected to clean and cook. This is a very dangerous message to be sending to young girls as well as young boys. They shouldn't grow up thinking that this is acceptable.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Men vs. Women

I found that the number of women in Maxim magazine has gone up tremendously from its December 2004 issue to its December 2005 issue (around 80%). In just one year the number of half nude women went up (almost 20%), while men’s regular photos went down.

In a recent study done by Jonathan Green, he writes that women are being photographed more than men in magazines merely for their sex appeal. They are being seen half nude while the men are fully clothed more than 90% of the time.

Throughout my study I mirrored this previous study in that I selected a popular magazine and compare it with a previous issue. I then used the same method of quantitative analysis by observing the number of women’s photos compared to the number of men’s photos. I also used this method in determining how these models and individuals were portrayed in these photos.

For the method of my research I used a quantitative content analysis. I used this method so that I could obtain the total number of men vs. women pictures throughout Maxim magazine. For my new corpus I merely started at the beginning of each of the two issues and began counting the number of pictures of both men and women. These include every advertisement as well as the entire general pictures that this particular magazine already includes.

I found that there was an increase in women’s photos from the 2004 December issue to the 2005 December issue. The men’s photos however decreased severely. With the growing number of male readers has caused the magazine to up the number of these women in an effort to satisfy its reader. In doing so it has made the females in this magazine even more an ongoing stereotype that women are merely sex objects and nothing more. This sort of one sided magazine is exactly what is wrong with the youth and why no one feels that they are thin enough or pretty enough. It also gives men a false sense of what the majority of the women in our country actually look like.

In conclusion Maxim magazine has done the exact opposite of what is needed in today’s world witch is taking away the balance of men and women and creates instead false hopes. I’m guessing that since the number of magazines sales also went up between these two issues that they aren’t concerned with such problems. The number of women in magazines has gone up while the number of men has gone down. The main problem is that these women aren’t being depicted in the proper way they should be.

Men in Magezines

Males are now being featured in magezines as sex objects. This is appearent in such magezines as abercrombie and fitch. In many of of these catalogs men are photographed completely nude and having nothing to do with what they are trying to sell. Many of these photos are also very suggestive in that they have male on male or even two men on one women which are all completely naked. This isnt a competely new concept but it is however taken to a level that has never been seen before.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Teenage Consumers

It's no wonder that advertisement agencies target teens. They spend more each year than any other demographic. They are easily sucked in to fades and cheesy marketing (so are many adults). The way they are targeted is a little bit disturbing. By getting young women to buy a certain lipstick or blush because some too thin supermodel is wearing it is false. These girls grow up realizing that they wont be these women. I also think that it causes some of these kids to grow up entirely too fast.

Women in Advertisements

It's no suprise that women dominate the covers and the majority of the inside of most magazines as well as most of the advertisements that we see everyday. Why is it though that we see less and less of there clothes? And why is it that most of the pictures that are taken don't have anything to do with whats being sold? The anwer is that sex does in fact sell. Whether or not we want to admit it (for men at least and even with women when a half nude attractive male is involved) we see these things and are drawn to them for whatever reason. The real question is how far is too far?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Call it what it is

We should just be real with ourselves when we start to label things such as social and racial issues. News reporters often try and stir up an audience by labeling people involved in their stories falsely. Such is the case of the Natalie Holloway and the black girl from Philadelphia. The white wommen recieved mostly all the coverage of the two stories. When the black women finally did recieve somew coverage it was mostly negative in that the media m,ade her sound bad because she was a single parent and had children out of wed lock. What the real issue was is that a white women got the front page because she was the all american girl next door and this women from Philadelphia was some bad person.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What's False in Todays Media

There are more news sources now than there has ever been. What is the truth and what is false? We as a viewer need to be able to decifer from fact or fiction. We need to look at the elements involved. We should look at the news source itself and find if it is even a credible source. Then we should look at the experts that they use and how long they speak for and how much of it is relavent to the issue. We as the viewer have a responsibility to view news this way so that we aren't taken in by the crap that is out there in our media today.

Race in the Media

Nothing has changed since the days of mass linchings and racial segregation. Minorities are still not represented very well in the media. They do not hold near as many positions in the media as whites. They are also portrayed in the media as just being drug dealers or murderers. We know this isnt true. It's very unreal to think that we haven't come very far as a society.